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  • 5 Times Turkish Men Pursued While Traveling Solo In Istanbul, Turkey Traveling to a foreign country is difficult enough. The last thing you want is to be heavily pursued by the local men. Unfortunately, for Western women, this is something that is very common with the men in Turkey. Turkey is a beautiful country  and definitely worth visiting, but if you are a solo female traveler, you should be aware of the culture and know what to expect! 5 Times Turkish Men Pursued Me While Traveling Solo in Istanbul 1. Arriving in Istanbul The journey from the Istanbul airport to the tram stop by my hostel was an ordeal in itself, taking several hours. After getting off the tram at a plaza by the Blue Mosque, I immediately felt the stares. As a tall, blonde, western looking girl traveling alone with a huge blue travel pack, I definitely stood out. I was trying to get my bearings and figure out which direction to walk in to ...
  • Istanbul to Cappadocia, Turkey: Overnight Bus, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Cave Hostel turkeyhotairballoonExperiencing a hot air balloon ride has always been at the top of my bucket list. While in Istanbul in May 2014, I decided to travel to Cappadocia, Turkey to finally check it off my list. At first, I had considered making the journey to Cappadocia (Cap-uh-doe-key-uh) myself, but the hostel I was staying at in Istanbul (Bahaus Hostel – loved them!) recommended taking a tour there instead. I was really short on time, so the convenience of having everything planned and booked sounded great. The travel agent met me at the hostel and went over the different options for tours, and then I walked a short distance to the agency to book the trip once I had decided. There happened to be two Argentinean guys from my hostel who booked the same tour, so it was really nice to have other people to travel with. The agency I used was EyeWitness Travel, ...

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