Sail Croatia Navigator Cruise Review – One Epic Week!

If you’re a party lover and you haven’t heard of Sail Croatia, you are missing out BIG TIME! Personally, I had never heard about Sail Croatia until I met this Aussie guy in London on my first backpacking trip through Europe in 2012. He just couldn’t stop talking above what an amazing time he’d had sailing the Dalmatian Coast with Sail Croatia. Before talking to him, I had never even thought about traveling to Croatia while in Europe, but after hearing about his incredible experience, I knew I would have to experience Sail Croatia for myself some day. Fast forward two years later, and I now understand why that guy couldn’t shut up about Sail Croatia. It truly was one unforgettable week!

 My Sail Croatia Experience…

I sailed on Sail Croatia from June 7th-June 14th, 2014, on a Navigator standard boat (shared bathrooms) in an above deck cabin. I actually ended up sailing during a “Raft Up!” week, which was geared towards even more partying!


There were three boats that sailed during the”Raft Up!” week, and the amazing thing about it was that all three boats would moore up (attached together) during the day at swim stops to hang out/swim together, and at night to party together. So basically, it was just one massive non-stop party with 3X the people!

In the busier months of July and August, I’ve heard of 10 boats sailing together, and mooring together to form a circle at swim stops. Now, that sounds pretty awesome!


Daily Itinerary:

On the first day, the boat leaves around 1pm. For the remainder of the week, the boat sets sail for the next island or stop around 6-7am every day, with a light breakfast served until 9am. Most everyone on my boat would wake up by 10-11am and stagger upstairs to the main deck in their bathing suits, still hung over from the night before.

Not a bad view to wake up to…


If you time it right, the boat will already be anchored at a morning swim stop. Jumping off the boat into the freezing water is a great way to numb a hangover.


Those guys were AMAZING! (I’m the girl on the right)

A very delicious and filling lunch is served at noon, followed by more sailing, and then an afternoon swim stop where the boats meet up, if you’re on a “Raft Up!” type week.


Usually, the boats arrive to most of the islands/stops in the late afternoon, and you’ll be docked until the next morning. For Dubrovnik, we arrived right after lunch to allow for more sightseeing time.



After checking out the islands, most of us would come back and chill on the boats in the evening before getting ready to go out around 11pm. If you’re more into sightseeing and exploring the islands or stops, then there’s no rush to come back early.

The Islands…

I visited Split, Hvar, Korcula, Dubrovnik, Mljet, and Makarska. The islands were beautiful, with some more interesting than others.


Split (where Sail Croatia leaves from) is definitely worth a few days to explore old town. It’s very backpacker oriented, so get there a few days before your departure date to sightsee and to start partying early.

Dubrovnik was beautiful and there’s a lot to do and see there. I highly recommend taking the cable car up to the top for incredible views of the town and harbor.

20140609_020151_1 (2) 20140609_015614 (2)edited

As for the other islands, I honestly only remember the nights out, which were a blast!

The Sail Croatia parties…

Every night you get to look forward to an epic Sail Croatia party. Sometimes the big party of the night was on the boats…


Party on the boat

…but most of the time, they were on land at one of the clubs, pubs, or a secret beach party.


Beach party! (I’m a blur in this photo)

The parties lasted until 4-5am, and then we’d try to find food wherever we could. We’d make our way back to the boats, hang out on the deck for a bit, and head to bed. Make sure you make it back to your boat before 6am, or you WILL get left behind. It’s happened… way more than you think.

Repeat for 8 days!

The Goodbyes…

It’s always sad to say good bye. Once back in Split, you’l have to say good bye to your incredible crew, and all the amazing friends you’ve grown so close with over the last week. After a week on board Sail Croatia, they’re bound to be life-long friends… or at the very least, close facebook friends.


Traveling Solo?

There are a ton of people who travel solo on Sail Croatia, so you won’t be alone! Everyone on board a navigator cruise, whether they came solo or not, is looking to make friends and have a great time. As long as your friendly, you’ll make loads of friends instantly!


When to take a Sail Croatia Cruise?

Cruises are offered from the end of April to the middle of October, with July and August being the most popular and the most expensive months to cruise.

Sail Croatia Prices?

Prices range between £299 to £689 for the navigator cruises. You have several options when booking your cruise which will determine the price: ensuite (bathroom in cabin) or standard boat (shared bathroom), an above or below deck cabin, and which month you’d like to sail.

What are you waiting for?

I honestly had the absolute best experience sailing with Sail Croatia, and can’t say enough good things about my experience. I mean, just imagine spending 8 days sailing the beautiful coast of Croatia, swimming in the Adriatic Sea, relaxing on a sail boat (with beer in hand), partying all night – all with an awesome group of under 35 year olds.

Life doesn’t get much better than that!


I’m already planning on taking another Sail Croatia trip in the near future.

Maybe I’ll see you there!

Questions about Sail Croatia?

I’m sure you have a ton of questions about this trip. I know I did. I wondered what to pack, how much extra money to bring, whether to book an ensuite or standard boat, an above deck or below deck cabin, and so on. I’ll be writing a post to hopefully answer all those questions and more. Ask away in the comments below, and I’ll be sure to answer them!

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About Devon Nicole

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  1. Hi! I was just looking at your Sail Croatia blog! Sail Croatia looks and sounds like so much fun!! Im looking to do it this summer but was also looking for some advice from someone who has been on their cruise! I want to do the navigator cruise but Im trying to figure out which boat I want. I know the premier and premier plus are the only two with air conditioning in the rooms so I was hoping to go on one of those boats but I also want to party really hard. Was wondering if I could get an opinion on which boat is the best for partying on the navigator cruise or if every boat parties the same. Please let me know, thanks!

    • Hey Brianna! Sail Croatia was an absolute BLAST! Just thinking about it again brings up sooo many awesome memories!

      So, actually the navigator cruise only has two options when it comes to ship types. You can either choose the standard boat or an ensuite boat (bathroom attached to your room). The premier and premier plus are not available for the navigator cruises. And the navigator cruises are the ones that party hard. The others cruises are more for relaxation, sightseeing, way less partying, if any. So you’ll probably want to choose between a standard and an ensuite boat. Those boats are both party boats, so it’ll just depend on if you wanna spend the money on having a bathroom in your room or not. I had the standard boat, and a bathroom would have been nice, but I did have a sink and a mirror in my room, so it worked out okay. You’ll hardly ever be in your room anyways… :)

      • Hi, I’m also looking at doing the Navigator tour. The form I’m looking at says that premier and premier plus boats are available for the Navigator tour for this summer. Do you know if that’s a new thing, or would I be signing up for a completely different experience? Thank you!


  2. Hey!

    I’m looking at doing this cruise around june/july next year, I was just wondering how much you would suggest for spending money? I feel like I would go out every night as well as probably try and take part in any other optional activities that were available (If that helps with working out a rough amount). Thanks heaps!

    • I definitely recommend it! My bar tab on the boat was around $150usd by the end of the week. We were pretty drunk by the time we’d go to the bars, and I bought this “Raft Up” pass that gave us free shots and drinks, so I didn’t spend that much once I was out at night. I also did the rafting trip which was about $35usd. As a rough guide, I’d say bring about $300usd. I’ll post how much I actually spent at a later date!

  3. Hi!

    My friend and I are booking week with Sail Croatia, and are unsure as to whether we should stay above or below deck. Why did you choose to stay above deck? Is spending the extra money worth it?


  4. Hi ya I am thinking of doing sail Croatia middle of August on a navigator ship solo. I know it’s very party orientated but I’m not one to get wasted every night will I be an odd one out? Also I’m not single and I get the vibe it’s very single orientated is that right? If so maybe I should wait until I have someone to go with. Thanks !!

    • Hey! Sail Croatia is an awesome experience! Unfortunately with the Navigator cruises, you might feel like an odd one left out if you don’t wanna party every night since the majority does. There were about 6 people out of 20-25 people that didn’t party every night. So it really depends on the people on your boat. Everyone on the boat was single and looking to mingle, except for 2 couples (one were in their early 20s and the others were like 33). There’s also a lot of day drinking as well. Everyone was still really friendly! The less party oriented people tended to hang out more together. They would chill on the boat at night after everyone else went out and play cards and chat. You might prefer one of Sail Croatia’s other cruises which are geared more for professionals/couples in their 20s. Sounds more chilled out and less drinking, but still fun. You can check it out on their website!

  5. Hi i am looking to do a navigator cruise with my partner and i was just wondering, were there any couples on your boat? we don’t really want to sleep on a bunk bed! also were the drinks on the boat expensive? and what time did the boat dock every day?

    sorry for all the questions its just that i cant find many reviews!! :)

  6. hi my boyfriend and i are wanting to do the navigator cruise and i was just wondering if there were any couples on your tour? we dont want to sleep in a bunk bed! also what were the prices of the drinks like onboard? and what time did you arrive at the other islands? sorry for all the questions i just cant find any reviews anywhere!!!

    • Hey! There were 2 couples on board, but mainly all singles. There were only bunk beds on my boat, but you can always squeeze together in one. :/
      Cocktails were 45kn; mixed drinks were 25kn; and a .50 liter draught beer was 20 kn just to give you an idea. (This was in 2014.) We arrived usually after lunch or in the late afternoon. We’d have a swim stop after lunch (also sometimes before lunch) and then reach the next island. Feel free to ask more questions!

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