Review: Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour of London

There are many options when it comes to choosing a sightseeing tour of London, but most all of them aren’t price friendly. For us backpackers, and budget travelers, it’s not feasible for us to pay for those kinds of tour. That’s why Sandeman’s Free Walking Tour of London is such a great deal. I mean, you can’t beat “free”!

The tour guides at Sandeman’s are mainly all young travelers, who graduated college, and are now living in London giving tours of the city.

The walking tour is 2.5 hours long, and covers all the main tourist spots in London:
(Click on each of the links below to see pictures.)

Walking Tour Map of London
(Click on the link above to zoom in on the map.)

free city map of london, england

Sandeman’s walking tour is a great orientation of London, and I highly recommend doing it as soon as you arrive in London. The tour is offered twice a day. Once at 11am and again at 1pm. The tour meets and leaves from Hyde Park. (See map above.)

This tour is very popular with the backpacking crowd, so it’s a great way to meet people. Plus after your tour, your guide will take you to a local pub where you can buy fish & chips (among other things) and beer. You get a discount for being part of the tour, and you can get to know the other travelers in your group better. Definitely worth it!

After you’re finished with the walking tour, you’ll be much better oriented in London, and you’ll be able to find your way around to other sights/places that the tour didn’t cover. Plus, you’ll have probably made some new friends!

Now, one thing I haven’t mentioned yet, is that although the tour is technically free, the guides do work for tips. That actually is a good thing because it means your guide is going to do everything he/she can to give you a good, fun experience. Among being entertaining, and at times, funny, they are all very knowledgeable of the city, and will give you a wealth of information during your 2.5 hr walking tour. So although you could slink away at the end of the tour without paying, if you enjoyed the tour, be nice and give them 5-10 pounds at the end of the tour. That’s still much cheaper than what you would’ve paid for one of the other tours, which probably wouldn’t have been as good anyways.

Don’t Forget to Bring (on the walking tour):

Umbrella (Even if it’s sunny out, bring it. You never know with the London weather.)
Jacket (If the sun disappears, it gets chilly fast.)
Water (You’ll need it.)
Good Walking Shoes (Seriously, this is important. I didn’t listen, and I ended up with blisters from one pair, ruined my sandals, and overall had sore/aching feet my whole trip.)
Camera, money, etc.

For more information about the Free Walking Tour of London check out their website: Sandeman’s Walking Tour of London.

Other tours they offer in London:

Old City Tour
South Bank Tour
Grim Reaper Tour
Pub Crawl

Note: These tours aren’t free. They each cost between 13-24 pounds.
You can learn more about them here.

Have any questions? Comment Below!

Have a great time in London!



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  1. Hi there, got confused with the starting point of the free london tour because i read in the website that it starts at covent garden. So we follow the new map you posted? Meeting place is near buckingham palace?:) this is recent right?

    Also, can you recall if the list is the order that was visited in the tour? Is that the sequence? Thanks.

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